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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The "Ex" Factor

In the game of jungle warfare we euphemistically refer to 'dating', it seems like there's one enemy who is nearly impossible to overcome: The ex-boyfriend.

As if dating weren't hard enough, what with simply trying to make ourselves the ideal person, we now have to face ex-ternal factors as well, over which we have no control.

The worst thing about ex-boyfriends is that they may not even be physically present. In some cases, he exists only in the mind of the other person, still holding on to the past, trying to piece together the shattered relationship.

In other cases, he's an active combatant, deviously scheming to thwart your efforts to get up on your/his boy.

But whether the person you're trying to date just broke up with his ex, or is still not over him, there's always the chance that they'll both try to 'work things out' and 'start over'.

When did boys start coming with so much baggage? In the dating jungle, it should be a two bag minimum and they must be checked at the gate before departure.


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