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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Launchin' Undies

Party promoter Keith Collins is helping launch Jeff Danzer's new underwear line, PLAY underwear. Keith will be in PLAY's first campaign with Mayte Garcia.

According to Rush & Molloy a number of people are quite eager to see the ex-Tommy Hilfiger model half-naked. This would be a slight contrast to sightings of his naked silouette in the shadow box at Wonderland.

Apparently my invite to the launch party somehow got lost in the mail -- Ahem, Keith! -- but nevertheless, it sounds like an interesting line. The seamless line incorporates special 'under-demin comfort zones'. Whatever that means and whatever those are. Apparently all the lines of men's underwear are designed to "lift and present" -- always a good thing for packages. There's also the iBoxer, which is designed with an iPod or cellphone pocket. Why I'd need to put that in my underwear is beyond me. I suppose there's a "Man Whore" line I don't know about.

Apparently the "lift and present" design needed a little help.

[Just so the pictures aren't confusing, Keith is posing with his friend Ben Curtis, who can now be seen in the romantic comedy, Joy, at the Actor's Playhouse in the Village. It's a cute play -- definitely recommend it.]


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