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Monday, September 19, 2005

Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are

I'm a sucker for a gay plot. OK, well I'm a sucker for a gay anything. Ok, I'll be a sucker and it doesn't have to be gay.

But I digress. I just caught this movie, Partner(s), on Lifetime. It's about a lawyer who pretends to be gay in order to make partner in his firm. And hilarity ensues. Well, twists and turns ensue.

The movie stars some dude, Jay Harrington, who's actually quite cute. It also starts Michael Ian Black, who, surprise surprise, plays a gay guy. Is he out yet? Did I miss the memo? I have no clue.

Well, he may not be out, but it appears that Lifetime has finally come out of the closet! After years of suspicion, and insidiously garnering the love of many gay men through use of the Golden Girls, the channel has finally thrown some officially gay programming on their line-up. In addition to this new movie, Partner(s), they've added Will & Grace to their 11:00 timeslot.

True to gay form, Lifetime is just following the money. After Bravo came out and loaded its programming with gay-oriented shows, the channel skyrocketed to national popularity, from absolute obscurity. Lifetime just seems to just want a piece. How gay.

But, as much as I mock it all, I'm obviously glad that there's so much "enlightening" programming on the air. Besides, as I said, I'm a sucker for a gay plot. Yuppers.


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