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Friday, December 30, 2005

AdDICKtive Website

My new favorite website, and way to kill serious amounts of time, is www.ratearod.com -- hands-down (well, for the first 5 minutes) a quality site!

It's kind of like Hot Or Not, but instead of rating faces, you rate dicks! That's definitely Hot. This is sure to suck away countless hours of my time as I just click through copious cock shots.

The people on this site are BRUTAL, though. The highest-rated dick is only an 8-something out of 10. I think people just get penis-envy after some point, because there must be a TON of haters out there!

For example, to date, this is the "hottest" dick on the site: Punishher with a rating of 8.68. That's probably less than one point per inch! Come on!!

This guy, Brooklynlad~2, was rated a 6-something. That's MADNESS.

Names like Donkeeboy are priceless. And the comments people leave are a trip, too. Especially my comments :)

Hung79 is hilarious (more pics at 1979J). I just think it's funny when you submit your picture just to seriously find out what people think of your dick. Dude, you don't need to post it on the internet, just give me a call! I'll tell you what it should be rated.

In any case, I encourage you to submit your pictures to the website. Actually, it's probably easier if you send them to me and I'll submit them for you.


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