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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Amtrak Slack

The quality of Amtrak's service has gone way down over the past 6 months. The trains are over-crowded and amenities are constantly being cut. About the only thing Amtrak is good for is leaving on time.

Over Thanksgiving, I took Amtrak back to New York on a 'holiday express'. Unbeknownst to me, a 'holiday express' is essentially an Amtrak-priced New Jersey Transit train! Now, if you've ever ridden the NJ Transit system, you'll know that it sucks. It's a train build for short trips, one hour, max. The seats are uncomfortable and lumpy, there isn't a food cart, it's noisy, and there's no room for baggage. How I paid $120 to ride that piece of shit is beyond me.

Once I stop being a lazy bitch, I'll write a complaint letter to them expressing my dissatisfaction with their service.

Not to be one to disappoint, Amtrak once again failed me on my trip home today for Christmas. Apparently they booked a full train, yet somehow ended up with a train that was missing a car! So basically you have 6/7ths of a train, but 7/7ths worth of passengers. Add on to that the fact that the train was about 3 cars of business class and 2 of coach. Nobody buys business class! Come on! Oh, and the food car wasn't open. What??

Thanks to this incompetence, I ended up in one of the only coach cars, which happened to be the 'Quiet Car' (ie, no noise, conversations, cell phone usage, etc.), and with a mother and her bastard child in a stroller affixed in my aisle.

The oblivious mother and the fact that I hate kids of all ages is another story. Let's just say the bitch got something on my shoe and I almost gave her an up-close view of my shoe in her face.

Back to Amtrak. The company and/or mode of transportation is completely mismanaged. Their prices are out of control for what little value you get now. Someone should throw a couple rocks on the tracks to derail a couple of those trains. Then maybe all the lawsuits will bankrupt the company and new management can take over. That'd be nice.


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