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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Oh NO He Di'nt!

Now I know I didn't just see some faggot asking complete strangers in a gay chatroom to buy him a plane ticket from Las Vegas to New York so he can go to an "audition".

FIRST of all, bitches on there won't even give you a blow job, let alone buy you a plane ticket!

SECONDLY, don't even front like it's a legit "audition". You know it's for a porno or something! It's an "audition" alright... a Michael Lucas "Audition!"

I'm sorry, but I've seriously lost all hope in the gay boy's ability to do anything on his own without the help of a "sugar daddy". You can even refer back to my previous post on Faggotry.

So the new example is this faggot BrooklineGrad. His name is Rance. According to my sources, he's allegedly up for the part of Roger in RENT, which is just lies.

He's not even cute. And he's 28. He should know better. Get a job! Make some money! Stop relying on others for help!


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