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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Shut Up and Dance

I'm completely lame because I'm apparently incapable of dancing anymore. That's not to say that I have no rhythm, although that's quickly fading, but it's more about the fact that I really just can't stay in one place and dance.

Friday night I was hating on everyone and had every intention of just going out to Opaline and dancing like nobody was watching. But that didn't really happen. I got distracted by people who I hadn't seen in a while. I hadn't been to Opaline in a couple of months. I'm happy to know that despite having been MIA from Opaline for a couple of months, people still remember me. Well, they remember my face at least.

It was actually nice to see a bunch of people. I should go out more often and not be so fucking lame. But I've become such an old man that going out just kills me sometimes. Plus it's cold. It's FUCKING cold.

Thursday night was spent "Blading against AIDS" which was a lot of fun. Another situation where I bumped into people I didn't expect to see. Of course, my ass never got to "blade" against AIDS because by the time I laced up, they'd closed the ice rink. What the fuck? Oh well, the (tax deductible) money went to a good cause. More importantly, the hottest boys seem to find their way to charity events. Who knew?? Looks like I'll be attending more charity events in the future.

Speaking of hot boys. After the Blades Against AIDS thing, I hopped on over to a party Simon Rex was hosting. I got there late and he got there even later, so I only saw him for a bit before my old-man-ass was like "time to go; gotta work in the morning!" He's still lookin' DAMN good. Just as good as he did in the pornos that are on all ya'llz computers! Yumm.


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