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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Victimless Crymes

The recent news about the 13-year old boy who created child porn through his webcam has been all over the place. The lengthy article by the New York Times presents a somewhat biased story, which I found to be bland and typical.

The story is about a boy named Justin Berry who, at the age of 13, began doing webcam shows for adult men on the internet, for money. It paints the tale of how he was "lured" into the "business" by men praying on young boys. Fine, I'll concede that old(er) men are aggressive in finding young boys, but it takes two people come to the end scenario -- a webcam strip show. The first one apparently started by someone paying Justin $50 to take off his shirt for 3 minutes on camera.

I'm disappointed with the New York Times' story, however. Essentially, it's another story about how children and teens are the victims of men, without any inkling of a notion that the children are in some way responsible as well. The language of the whole article suggests a clear distinction between the child 'victim' and the other men 'predators', which I think is a simplistic view of the situation. It implies that these 'predators' got together to 'strategize' on ways to coerce boys into revealing more of their bodies. I'm sorry, but these men are indeed sexual and social deviants, then they don't talk to each other. That's almost the definition of being a social deviant. I mean, for example, serial killers don't have monthly meetings where they sit around and discuss the best way to lure people to their death, they just go out there and do it!

Granted, they are "children" but we were all 13 at some point and when I was 13, I knew damn well what I was doing and the consequences of my actions. These kids are just out to make a buck by ho'ing themselves over the internet!

This boy has made THOUSANDS of dollars exploiting his body on the internet for people to see. Anyone who is capable of setting up a webcam and navigating the internet surely has the intellectual capacity to understand his actions. He knew exactly what he was doing and that it was wrong, since he claims that he hid his webcam during the day so his mother wouldn't find it. Moreover, his father apparently helped him after some point.

"I didn't want these people to hurt any more kids," Justin said recently of his decision to become a federal witness. "I didn't want anyone else to live the life I lived."

It's hard to take sympathy on a boy who made thousands of dollars willingly selling his body over the internet. Despite the fact that he's a minor, he still had a 'fair' to 'good' idea of what he was doing. His parents knew at some point and didn't try to stop him. So yeah, get over it. And I'm sure after all this is over, he gets to keep the money and everything he's bought with his so-called 'victim' sex-show antics. Lies.


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