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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Music to My Ears

Man, rap/R&B music really sucks lately. I was listening to the radio -- well, on iTunes -- and heard some song by some chick named 'Trina' called 'Here We Go'.

Now, I didn't listen very carefully, but I think the gist of the song is that this Trina chick has herself a man, but some other chick keeps calling him, whereby he might be cheating on her. It's a typical song 'plot', I think. I wouldn't have expected anything earth-shattering in that area from this genre.

But here's the best part, check out some of the lyrics to the song:

Look nigga
Whatchu think this is?
You treat me like a random chick
You done forgot who introduced you to rocks
And poppin all that cris an shit
Who letchu hit it from tha back
Anyway that chu like
And any debts i can pay tha price
I thought i was a chick you would make your wife
And now a bitch cant even stay tha night (You wack)

Now, I just find it comical that she uses "you done forgot who introduced you to rocks ... and poppin all that cris an shit" as an argument for "Stay with me and forget that other woman". Better yet, the "letchu hit it from tha back ... anyway that chu like" is the best argument of all. My trusty Urban Dictionary / Decoder Ring tells me that 'hit it from the back' means 'getting fucked doggy style'; and 'anyway that chu like' most likely translates to 'he fucked me up the butt'. That's quality. What a lady!!

It's hard to feel sorry for woman who opens her man's eyes to masstige 'luxury' items such as diamonds (aka, rocks) and Cristal (aka, cris) and takes it up the butt, doggy style. That doesn't seem like love or romance to me. But then again, maybe I'm not keepin' it real.

Regardless, I just thought the inanity of this chick's lyrics deserved some attention. Not to mention the fact that her album is titled 'Glamorest Life'. I guess that's the betterest title she could come up with. Since when did being educated go out of vogue? Maybe it was around the time Trina's album 'dropped'.


  • So she pays his bills and buys him diamonds and Cristal. And she's worried he's going to leave her for another woman. Girl, get some self-respect!

    By Blogger Frank, at 1/23/2006 12:32 AM  

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