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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Must Crap TV

I just remembered why I rarely watch TV. There's nothing worth watching!

That new show, Four Kings, is crap. I'm just waiting for it to be cancelled. Hopefully next week, god willing.

The O.C. is just a piece of shit, too. In SAT lingo, Aeropostale is to Abercrombie as the O.C. is to Beverly Hills 90210. It's worse than a Chinatown Fendi knock-off. Its only saving grace is that it's peppered with cute boys.

On that note, I really don't like Adam Brody. He seems really cocky. He's like a dork who's suddenly become attractive and now it (like like the blood around his pelvic region) has gone to his head. So unattractive. Though I would like to be around when the blood rushes to his head :)


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