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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Popularity Contests

All of these stupid "social networking" sites just drive me crazy. They're so addictive! But more importantly, they're just an online version of High School -- one big popularity contest. I don't mind it -- because I'm popular (haha) -- but there are just too many god damn sites! Friendster, MySpace, Connexion, LinkedIn.. the list goes on. Honestly, sometimes I don't want some people to know who I'm friends with becuase I don't want those friends harassed by other people.

I love the people who have become Friendster Sluts -- or MySpace Sluts -- and are "friends" with like 500 people because they'll add anyone with a profile. We shouldn't need software or a website to help us keep track of who we're friends with. If you can't remember that you're friends with someone, then that means you're not friends with them because one of you is being a shitty friend.

The only thing these sites are good for is tracking and tracing STDs, because 'Billy hooked up with Christopher, who slept with Ryan the night after he got banged by Kevin, who contracted syphilis from Edward'. And thankfully while all this was happening, I sat at home playing Six degrees of Masturbation.


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