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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ego Check; Reality Check

It's always important to have people around who keep you grounded, or at least surround yourself with very grounded people. I endeavor to be a well-grounded person depsite whatever I may get myself into or have the opportunity to do.

Others, however, seem to have lost touch with that little personality trait called humility.

Perez Hilton seems to be in desperate need of an ego check lately, as it appears he's starting to dig his own social grave. I'm all for people being successful at what they're passionate about doing, but it's just sad when people go astray.

So click on over to Gawker for the email string between Perez and a Publicist at Harrison & Shriftman.

Here's a snipit from the email exchange:

From: Jose Martinez, Harrison & Shriftman
To: Perez Hilton
Date: 2/6/06

Someone just sent this to me….. was this comment in response to you not
being invited to our party? “The Maxim party overflowed with celebs and VIPs who
decided not to go to the Playboy party, which was very far away, at the
airport.” Thank goodness, only non-insiders read your unreliable page. You need
to really be more responsible if you desire longevity in this business. I
understand being snarky, but lies only make you look stupid in the end. I trust
you’ll see our media coverage in the coming days and see who and what our party
really was like.

From: Perez Hilton
To: Jose Martinez
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 14:52:29 -0500

…You may choose not to invite me and invite a blogger who gets 1/3 of the
traffic I do, and I can choose to write whatever I play. I never claim to be
objective. In fact, I reslish in my perspective and point of view. That’s why
people visit my site, so much that I get more visitors in ONE day that visit me
than read Star or OK in one week. If and when Harrison Shriftman decides that I
am “worthy” of being invited to your events, then I will begin to give them
favorable coverage….


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