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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Title: Professional Blogger

I'm SO over bloggers. I don't really understand what their point is. OK, let me preface this by saying that I don't consider myself a "Blogger". I just write and post shit that ends up on a site. It's cathartic, if nothing else. I don't presume that the bullshit that I write will have some sort of outcome or effect, I just write cuz I'm bored. I also write so I have less to discuss with my therapist every Friday... my therapist being Open Bar at Opaline.

So for everyone else of the same mindset, I'm not talking about you. I am talking about the people who have a blog as a means of becoming famous or as a means of achieving some sort of goal other than simply information-sharing. I don't really get it. It's mostly those starfucker blogs who are the culprits. And what does your business card say, anyway? "Professional Blogger?" What the hell is that?

Bloggers are simply writers without a salary. In extreme cases, they're magazines without venture capital. In both instances, if you had a salary or venture capital, you'd be an actual writer or have a full-fledged magazine, not a zero fixed-cost blog that you 'hunt and peck' into twice-daily. So let's just call blogging for what it is: poor man's publishing; because the only salary I'm trying to pay out to a blogger is a reality check.


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