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Sunday, February 05, 2006


Because I've lost my ability to form coherent sentences and string them into paragraphs, lately I've opted to just post videos. Here's another for your viewing enjoyment.

Though now that you've seen the video, I'll ask you all to cast your vote: are these boys gay or straight?
  • They're three boys doing stoopid shit: Straight
  • They're wearing g-strings... where does one even get a g-string? Gay
  • But they're tuxedo g-strings: Straight
  • Though clearly some of them don't have pubes -- for my own sanity's sake, let's assume they're old enough to have pubes and their lack of pubes is a result of shaving: Gay
  • They have no rhythm or choreography abilities: Straight
  • They're slapping that blond boy's ass: Hot!


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