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Friday, March 17, 2006

Night of a Bunch of Patricks

Another St. Patrick's Day boozfest at the annual Patrick McMullan party. It wasn't as crazy as last year, though, which was actually good since there weren't bullshit crowds of people outside. I was surprised, however, at some of the people I saw inside. Honestly, it's like once you see someone at one party, you see them at all of them. Though, just like last year, I think I left too early, but a girl's gotta work in the morning! I mostly bumped into press people -- fashion directors, gossip columnists, and the like. At least that was something of an accomplishment. Honestly, I'm surprised that any of them remember me since I haven't been out that much lately. Well, thank god they did, so I avoid looking like a complete dumb-ass.


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