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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New York Parties: Hit or Miss

The great thing about New York is that there's a party (ie, special event) every night of the week. The bad thing is that it's really difficult to tell what's going to be good and what's going to suck.

In the past couple of weeks, I've been invited to parties that I thought would be amazing and turned out to be duds, and parties where I thought I was going to stay for about 15 minutes, grab my giftbag and then leave only to find out that it's actually a good party.

Last night was one of the better parties. It was actually one of the more pleasantly surprising ones. It was the opening of the Longchamp boutique in Soho. I say "boutique" as if the store is tiny, but it's fairly expansive.

Given my low expectations and honestly not knowing anything about Longchamp, I show up (late, of course -- I'm incapable of being on time) only to find out that everyone's dressed to the nines... and I'm basically dressed to the twos, or something pretty bad like that. Oh well.

In any case, it was a fun party, attended by Lucy Liu, Lenny Kravitz, Maggie Gyllenhal, Eva Mendes, Susan Sarandon and some other people ... and of course the regular staple of gay scene queens -- Amanda Lepore and Patrick McDonald. But more importantly, I actually met some fun people and bumped into a friend, surprisingly.

The gift bag wasn't all that great, but I assume what was in it was expensive. I don't know what I'll do with it other than put it on a shelf.

But all in all, a good night. As far as New York parties go, this was a hit. Though, for some reason Page Six didn't pick it up. For shame!!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

GLBT Demographics and Data

As with everything else, I stumbled upon this graph illustrating the income differential between partnered gay men and partnered straight men. It's apparently part of a 2003 study conducted by the The Urban Institute.

It's a little disturbing, particularly since you would expect that a dual-income dual male household should yield a higher income than one of a man and a woman (since women bitch so much about being underpaid compared to their male counterparts -- thank you, Wal*Mart for adding fuel to the fire).

I also found another study by The Urban Institute that maps out demographics of the GLBT population. There are sample maps available of New York and DC available, where you can see the population densities for each city. The one for New York is pretty much a no-brainer. Gays & Lesbians live in Chelsea (the top zip code for gays is 10011 -- represent!), West Village, East Village, Hell's Kitchen, Williamsburg, etc. Duh. And hardly any of us live on Staten Island. No fuckin' shit!

The rest of the data is fairly uninteresting, at least to me. It focuses mostly on "unmarried partner households" which means men with boyfriends. I'm SO not interested in them! But it is neat (how scholarly of me to use such a profoundly descriptive word) to look at the mappings.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Irrational Homophobia

What a redundant title, "Irrational Homophobia". I'm always amazed at people who are fearful of the "gay agenda". Homophobia certainly could be considered more of a mental illness than homosexuality ever could be.

I'm amazed at the time these fanatical people spend on identifying gay & lesbian presence and activities. I mean, they probably spend as much time as I do looking at gay stuff and I'm actually gay. Makes you wonder.

Personally, if I were 'repulsed' by something, I wouldn't spend much time immersing myself in it -- I'd just avoid it.

I somehow came across this website / posting from some 'family values' type organization saying that AOL actively sponsors homosexuality.

The article claims that AOL is "actively supporting the homosexual lobby". [Side joke, what exactly is the "homosexual lobby?" ... the entrance of the Hotel Chelsea?]

The author, Guy Adams (pictured on the right -- doesn't he just LOOK like a leather daddy who would fuck you bareback at the Eagle??), purports that because, when you sign up for AOL or AIM, it offers you the option connect with other members through "People Connection" and part of "People Connection" includes a link to 'AOL Gay & Lesbian'. Apparently, by doing so, this is interpreted as "support" for the gay agenda. [Another Side Note: the only thing on my 'gay agenda' is shopping and going to fun parties... oh, and keeping these crazy 'family values' bitches the HELL away from me!]

Adams' logic is something of a slipperly slope to Hell. AOL is basically running a business and offering a service to a segment of consumers. They recognize that, due to social dynamics and crazy fanatics, gays & lesbians are typically early adopters of internet technologies. AOL is simply acknowledging and addressing this insight to profit from it. It hardly shows 'support' for the 'gay agenda' no more than it shows support for the 'straight agenda' (whatever that is), or more importantly, its own profit margins.

In summary, I'm always confused as to how homophobes are able to spend so much time monitoring and writing about LGBT issues and activities. Why focus on hate? There are very few instances where LGBT activites have a direct negative impact on the lives of straight people. Gay marriage doesn't negatively impact straight people, neither does gay adoption (except for the fact that as tax payers gays are pretty much funding their neighborhood schools... schools which, if they don't have children, the gays will never benefit from), hate crime laws and non-discrimination laws don't have a negative impact on straight people (unless you're a psycho who has a burning desire to beat the shit out of a fag and leave him for dead on a fence -- if you are, then email me with your address and I'll return the favor).

Why did I spend all this time writing about this?? Well, I just think the whole thing is silly, and I just spent the better part of my morning telling a married man that I couldn't have sex with him because it would violate the sanctity of marriage, thus crumbling society as we know it and hastening the ensuing apocalypse.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Porn is Hilarious

I finally decided to watch the DVD of Michael Lucas' Auditions 3. It came in a gift bag, so why the hell not? I'm not really that into porn, especially the kind with plots. Although, I guess this one didn't really have a plot line. It was supposed to be a porno "audition".

So I'm skimming through the "bios" part of the DVD, which is where they introduce all the 'actors', only to realize that I know like half the people in the video! It's kind of weird watching people you know get fucked in a video. Part of you wants to laugh and the rest of you wants to just scratch your head in bewilderment.

Aside from basically knowing the people in the video, the most annoying thing about it is that for the first sequence with Owen Hawk, he and Michael Lucas talk for a good 10 minutes before getting naked and actually doing something. Now, I didn't pay for this DVD, but if I did, I'd expect about 2 minutes of talking and 58 minutes of fucking. But I guess I'm just old-fashioned like that.

Though I have to admit that I'd never seen Michael Lucas' dick before, and after watching the first clip I was like "mmm... very nice." It produced some cognitive dissonance, however, since my overall impression of Michael Lucas is that he's a self-aggrandizing jackass -- but that may just be all rumors ... from a LOT of people. Ehhh, it's still a nice dick. I can't hate.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Don't Fuck with me Fellas!

...this ain't my first time at the rodeo.

God bless Faye Dunaway for making such a cheesy movie like Mommie Dearest. And God bless Joan Crawford for being a complete loon. I'd give her the respect she's entitled to ... because I'm totally one of her FANS!!!!!

Crazy is always entertaining. This video is fucking PRICELESS. Love it.


Ahh YouTube. Never lets me down. Now it's become educational. For those of you long to discover new ways of masturbating, I've provided this for your viewing pleasure :)

Monday, May 01, 2006


Ok, I don't know what kinda blog this is, but I'm all for any blog that just balls out show boys with -- literally -- their balls out. Welcome to QueerClick!

Check it out. It's good times. I've added a link on the side bar as well... because it's THAT fuckin' good!

AXE Stretch

It's so rare that there are actually quality and amusing commercials out there. I found this one and thought I'd share. Besides, I love the smell of AXE. It's 'man in a can'. Love it! If you use it. Write me. I'll blow you. Whut? :)