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Monday, May 22, 2006

GLBT Demographics and Data

As with everything else, I stumbled upon this graph illustrating the income differential between partnered gay men and partnered straight men. It's apparently part of a 2003 study conducted by the The Urban Institute.

It's a little disturbing, particularly since you would expect that a dual-income dual male household should yield a higher income than one of a man and a woman (since women bitch so much about being underpaid compared to their male counterparts -- thank you, Wal*Mart for adding fuel to the fire).

I also found another study by The Urban Institute that maps out demographics of the GLBT population. There are sample maps available of New York and DC available, where you can see the population densities for each city. The one for New York is pretty much a no-brainer. Gays & Lesbians live in Chelsea (the top zip code for gays is 10011 -- represent!), West Village, East Village, Hell's Kitchen, Williamsburg, etc. Duh. And hardly any of us live on Staten Island. No fuckin' shit!

The rest of the data is fairly uninteresting, at least to me. It focuses mostly on "unmarried partner households" which means men with boyfriends. I'm SO not interested in them! But it is neat (how scholarly of me to use such a profoundly descriptive word) to look at the mappings.


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