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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Irrational Homophobia

What a redundant title, "Irrational Homophobia". I'm always amazed at people who are fearful of the "gay agenda". Homophobia certainly could be considered more of a mental illness than homosexuality ever could be.

I'm amazed at the time these fanatical people spend on identifying gay & lesbian presence and activities. I mean, they probably spend as much time as I do looking at gay stuff and I'm actually gay. Makes you wonder.

Personally, if I were 'repulsed' by something, I wouldn't spend much time immersing myself in it -- I'd just avoid it.

I somehow came across this website / posting from some 'family values' type organization saying that AOL actively sponsors homosexuality.

The article claims that AOL is "actively supporting the homosexual lobby". [Side joke, what exactly is the "homosexual lobby?" ... the entrance of the Hotel Chelsea?]

The author, Guy Adams (pictured on the right -- doesn't he just LOOK like a leather daddy who would fuck you bareback at the Eagle??), purports that because, when you sign up for AOL or AIM, it offers you the option connect with other members through "People Connection" and part of "People Connection" includes a link to 'AOL Gay & Lesbian'. Apparently, by doing so, this is interpreted as "support" for the gay agenda. [Another Side Note: the only thing on my 'gay agenda' is shopping and going to fun parties... oh, and keeping these crazy 'family values' bitches the HELL away from me!]

Adams' logic is something of a slipperly slope to Hell. AOL is basically running a business and offering a service to a segment of consumers. They recognize that, due to social dynamics and crazy fanatics, gays & lesbians are typically early adopters of internet technologies. AOL is simply acknowledging and addressing this insight to profit from it. It hardly shows 'support' for the 'gay agenda' no more than it shows support for the 'straight agenda' (whatever that is), or more importantly, its own profit margins.

In summary, I'm always confused as to how homophobes are able to spend so much time monitoring and writing about LGBT issues and activities. Why focus on hate? There are very few instances where LGBT activites have a direct negative impact on the lives of straight people. Gay marriage doesn't negatively impact straight people, neither does gay adoption (except for the fact that as tax payers gays are pretty much funding their neighborhood schools... schools which, if they don't have children, the gays will never benefit from), hate crime laws and non-discrimination laws don't have a negative impact on straight people (unless you're a psycho who has a burning desire to beat the shit out of a fag and leave him for dead on a fence -- if you are, then email me with your address and I'll return the favor).

Why did I spend all this time writing about this?? Well, I just think the whole thing is silly, and I just spent the better part of my morning telling a married man that I couldn't have sex with him because it would violate the sanctity of marriage, thus crumbling society as we know it and hastening the ensuing apocalypse.


  • I'm glad you pointed to our lobby in your post.. www.hotelchelseablog.com

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/23/2006 10:00 PM  

  • HA, it was unintentional, but fucking hilarious!

    Does that mean I get a discount on a room or will I just have to hook up with someone who's already staying there? :)

    By Blogger gothamwhore, at 5/24/2006 4:45 PM  

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