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Monday, June 12, 2006

Attack of the Homophobes

So unless you've been living under a rock for the past day or two, you've probably heard that Kevin Aviance was attacked by a group of 5-6 teens shouting anti-gay slurs the other night in the East Village or Lower East Side. Thankfully, the story has been all over the news -- the NY Times, NY Post, CNN, Associated Press, etc.

The teens ranged in age from 16-20, I heard there were 6 in total and 4 have been arrested. I also heard that a friend's friend was gay bashed (literally) with a baseball bat in Astoria, Queens over the weekend and had to go to the hospital. What kind of madness is that?!

Not that I know Kevin Aviance all that well, but we have a number of mutual friends who are equally as shocked and dismayed by the randomness of the attack. I know he's a big queen and all, but he wasn't even in drag when he was attacked!

I'm sorry, but when did Saturday night plans ever include beating the shit out of an innocent person for no apparent reason?? It's not like, "So, Billy, what are your plans for the weekend?" "Aww, shucks, I'm gonna go beat me the shit out of some faggots, and then chew some tobacco." Give me a break. Who has the time to do such insane things?? Well, insane people, I suppose.

In all cases, it's just sad. You would think that in a city like New York, or -- I don't know -- the 21st century, that people would be safe to walk the streets without fear of having a hate crime come knocking on their door.

God help the poor lil' High School bastards who try to gay bash me. They'll leave with their asses sore, limping away with only one testicle left in each of their bodies.


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