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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ellen, What?

Ellen is the weirdest show. I'm talking about her talk show, not her sitcom, which started out good then got really bad once she came out.

I just caught an episode today (as always, I'm like a year and a half late on all the trends!). It's such a bizarre show! She dances around the whole audience and just does a random stand-up routine in the beginning. Since when does Ellen dance?? And now she's suddenly got these lesbo thighs. Madness.

These daytime talk shows just throw me off. I can't imagine being in middle-America watching this and just laughing along jollily with my bucket of twinkies in hand.

Everything is so scripted, it's almost insulting. She got an 'impromptu' call from Justin Timberlake, as if that 20-second call wasn't scheduled months in advance, just to chat about stoopid shit.

I guess lesbians make good talk show hosts: Ellen, Rosie, (ahem) Martha. When they've got proper lighting, a team of hair and make-up stylists, and a designer wardrobe they can be quite easy on the eyes. But when all of that goes away, you get crazy-ass dyke hair...

Jesus Christ! A scarier sight, I cannot imagine. Hair and make-up, PLEASE!

But I digress. Anyway, Ellen's show is weird, but I pray to GOD it never gets cancelled. Who knows what'll happen to her hair, especially now that she's let her thighs go to shit. She'll look like a wildebeest!


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