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Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Power of PR

Last Tuesday, I went to a party about the history of mannequins at Rootstein in Chelsea. I know absolutely nothing about mannequins, but I can only assume that Rootstein is one of the major producers of mannequins in the world (?). Based on the gallery and all the pictures, it sure seemed like they make all the mannequins out there. But honestly, who cares? They're mannequins!!

I'll tell you who cares -- fashion people. The party was full of people in fashion, in some form or another. In essence, it was full of a bunch of people who I really didn't care to bump into.

However, the power of PR comes into play because MAO PR, one of the main fashion PR firms, threw the party. As a result, it seemed that people just willingly showed up to see a bunch of mannequins. That's amazing.

Ok, so the open bar and hors d'oeuvres didn't hurt, either. But still, the party drew a number of fashiony people -- Robert Verde, Nole Marin, and some others who I can't recall at the moment.


  • i cant read this post!!! there's too many loud BAM! sounds going on as the names seemingly fall from the sky without what the French call 'raison'

    By Blogger mrSKINNY, at 6/28/2006 1:39 AM  

  • Please, it's only two names! I drop more names than that when I'm trying to cut to the front of a line!

    By Blogger gothamwhore, at 7/09/2006 2:11 AM  

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