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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Slow Down There, Turbo!

So the other day, I got an invite to Ryan Cabrera's birthday party this Wednesday. Honestly, I don't feel special at all since I think half of New York got the same invite. Though, I suppose the difference will be in the fact that I'll actually get in to the party whereas most others probably won't. Ok, actually, I don't really know anything about Ryan Cabrera except that he's cute, most likely straight, and one of my friends is throwing the party.

But I thought it was thoroughly adorable that another friend of mine spent the better part of today ensuring our entrance simply because we both have such a LOW tolerance for standing-in-line bullshit. Straight parties always scare me anyway. Everyone's so pretentious for no reason -- half of them are bridge and tunnel trash who somehow feel self-entitled. I'm sure it'll be a good time once I get past all the fakeness that makes a club or party "exclusive". But I have low expectations for the night.

Ironically, I'm more looking forward to a new party some friends are hosting at 49 Grove. The music will probably be lots of fun, I won't have to wait in a bullshit line, and I'll probably know half the people there. To me, that's more fun than dealing with a LIRR-load of people who've seen Sex and the City one too many times and think they're Samantha or Carrie. Bleh.

Well, we'll find out how everything goes tomorrow. Let's hope this rain takes care of some of that nasty-ass heat!!!!! If the humidity's kickin', I might have to bust out my fro pick!


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