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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Miss Ross

I need love, love
To ease my mind
I need to find, find someone to call mine
But mama said

You cant hurry love
No, you just have to wait
She said love dont come easy
Its a game of give and take

I think this is going to be my theme song for the day / weekend. I somehow landed in this Diana Ross vortex, whereby I've been listening to a shitload of her (and the Supremes -- let's not forget them) songs. But "You Can't Hurry Love" is sticking in my head today... with "Reflections" coming in at a close second.

Ok, honestly, as I'm skimming through the titles of her songs, she basically only sings about one thing: Heartache and yearning (ok, that's two things, but they're closely related!)

  • Someday we'll be together
  • You can't hurry love
  • You keep me hanging on
  • Stop! In the name of love
  • Where did our love go?
  • Reflections
God damn!! She's probably not going to win the "Inspirational Speaker of the Year" award.

Then she gives up on love and announces, "I'm Coming Out"!!


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