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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Quote Me, Bitch!

I was reading through my old blog and am just thoroughly amused at the inane shit that flies out of my mouth and onto the computer screen. Here are some of my favorite excerpts from past postings:

  • "They say Death comes in threes -- I think Death is like a porn star: it just comes all over the damn place and doesn't give a shit about who it hits."
  • "...like a colon after a steak dinner -- everything came to a grinding halt"
  • “Dude, I just wanted a quick fix!! I’m not in it for the long haul! Now get up on me and make it feel better!” - my mental response to Chiropractors who seem to always want to put you on a 18-month schedule of appointments... or was that my response to a hung trick. Either way, the sentiment is still valid.
  • "... you can create your own hoodies! I want one that reads "Foggy Bottom"" - my response after I just learned about Neighborhoodies, referring to a neighborhood in DC.
  • Gothamwhore: Hey, I'll be home for Christmas, but only for the weekend. We should hang out while I'm in town
    Friend: Ok, but I'm busy most of the weekend. I have two birthday parties on Friday and Saturday
    Gothamwhore: Who the fuck has a birthday on Christmas???
    Friend: Well, Jesus Christ for one....
    Gothamwhore: Touche...
It makes me happy that I can find myself so amusing :)


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