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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Three Fat Girls Walk Into a Bar...

No it's not the start of a joke (well, that's subjective, I suppose); it was last night at Therapy!

Yesterday evening, Next Magazine threw a party for Barrett Foa -- understudy and then 'star' of Avenue Q and currently in Spelling Bee on Broadway. Well, I got there about an hour and a half late, but apparently the party had prematurely ended an hour ahead of schedule due to the fact that Miss Boa had to see Kiki and Herb at 8pm. Now I'm not one to judge (ha!), but if your 'star' is on the rise (primarily because another star, John Tartaglia, left and gave you the opportunity to shine) then you should make the most of the moment and welcome any press that comes your way. Instead, he went to see Kiki and Herb.

So that party was something of a bust. But I got there just in time to enjoy the bitchfest and prepare myself for the 800 pound gorilla(s), ie, The Glamazons. Now, initially I was scared as they were walking by getting ready for the show. It's the kinda fear you have when a two ton rhino charges toward you on the Serengeti. It's not cute. But, once they got on stage, they were pretty entertaining. Well, we all know big women can sing, so sistas were workin' it out.

It was some type of "Next Top Glamazon" contest last night, which meant that there were at least two contestants (there could hvae been more, but I wasn't trying to stick around and find out) competing to be a Glamazon. This one girl, Belinda, had herself a HUGE ASS (end of sentence. No pun intended) following. They were shouting so loud it hurt my ears. Could I PLEASE have a fan base that... err... large?

As I watched her sing, became paralyzed by the shriek of her fans, and promptly proceeded to get the fuck outta there, I couldn't help but wonder what provokes a big girl to go up on stage in a MINI miniskirt and own her wideness? My friend's answer was "you hit rock bottom", which I can see as a possible scenario. But I guess, if a girl's gotta feel pretty, then who am I to stop her?


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