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Friday, September 15, 2006

Adventures in People-Dodging

Sometimes New York cracks me up. It's a huge city, but you keep running into the same people ALL the fucking time! Usually it's people I'm happy to see, but sometimes it's people I've been trying to avoid, or at least would rather not bump into... for my own sake.

I was walking home from work today and crossed paths with this boy who I went on some dates with and was TOTALLY into, but things didn't work out and then some more drama ensued with a friend of mine for reasons I don't even FEEL like getting into right now. Anyway, I saw him and was kind of like "SHIT!" and double-timed it in any direction that was out of his line of sight. I felt like Carrie -- a fuckin neurotic mess. Thank god I was wearing my super-huge sunglasses. This is probably the fourth time I've crossed paths with him since all the drama. I was not amused.

Later tonight I was at the tents at Bryant Park to go to a show. It was right after Zac Posen's show so ALL these people were coming out. I crossed paths with a well-known stylist who (for some strange reason) I feel like thinks I'm crazy. I just didn't want to deal, so I basically turned around and hid. It was ridiculous.

But on a better note, I saw Anna Wintour bolting out of there. That woman just got herself a new stalker. I'm SOOO all about her. She just REEEEEEKS of power and pretentiousness. It's hot as shit. I bet her eyes shoot icicles.

Before all that, I bumped into this guy who I really didn't want to see because I was with a mutual friend of ours. He just has this annoying way of tagging along or rather, attaching himself to a host friend like some sort of parasite. Alanis' song "Uninvited" just kept playing in my head the whole time he was around.

Then the strangest thing happened. This boy comes up to me and says "Hi, I think we've chatted online before, but never met. I just wanted to say hello." Ok, so at this point I have NO clue who this boy is. He told me his name, which didn't ring a bell. He told me where he lived, which also didn't ring a bell. He introduced me to his boyfriend -- still, no bells. I have NO CLUE who this boy is!! Apparently we talked at least two years ago when he moved to New York? HOW he still remembers me is beyond my comprehension. It was a nice interaction, but a scary one at the same time. Plus, I feel bad not remembering people. Very confusing. I told him to email me. I hope he does. Maybe then i'll figure out who the fuck he is!!


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