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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blood Manor

Tonight I went to the press preview of Blood Manor, a haunted house type scarefest that's set up in West Chelsea. Specifically, it's made it's home at... umm... Home.

I wish I'd brought my camera. It seems that there are pictures online of all the characters up in the Manor. It was a good time, definitely. Everything was so interactive! People dressed up in bloody costumes would sneak up behind you and try to scare you. This chick was dragging along another girl chained in a leather collar... asking us if we'd like to end up like that! Girl, been there, done that. It's called the Black Party, hello??

This other guy crept up on me and tried to scare me. I turned around and he was all "Boo!" I wanted to give him an equally perplexing scare by trying to make out with him. But that didn't happen. Our makeup would have smudged and that's NOT cute.

I think ultimately the haunted house is a tour. It was pretty scary, and definitely something to check out. I think the pitch black corridor freaked me out the most. I just kept telling my friend "Girl, this is like the darkroom at the Roxy! I'm scared someone's gonna reach for my genitals!" But the best part was the 3-D room in the end. Maybe it was the Xanax smoothie I drank before getting there, but that part was the shit!!! It tripped me the fuck out!!

All in all, a good time. Definitely recommend it. Blood Manor officially opens to the public this coming weekend on October 5th and runs Thursday through Sunday all the way until October 31st, so get your scare on!!


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