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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fashion Smashion

Apparently the Heatherette show last night got some mixed reviews, or at least some snide remarks. I wouldn't know. I didn't go. I tried to nap instead, but I'm no good at napping.

I did, however, drag myself out to the afterparty... ALL the motherfuckin' way out at Sol. I still can't decide if I like or hate that space. It's far, that's for damn sure.

I think one of the funniest things that happened last night was bumping into Mya. It's funny because I actually recognized her, even though I feel like the last thing I remember her doing was sing Ghetto Superstar with Pras in 1999 (?). She still looks like a skinny drowned rat, though.

The other thing, which I thought was a trip, was seeing JC Chasez there from motherfuckin' N'Sync! I just realized that the three of us have something in common: Mya, JC, and I area all from the Washington, DC area. Wow... what a bond... OK, well JC and I have something else in common -- we both want to suck Justin Timberlake's dick! I may be wrong, but I just naturally assumed that JC was going to follow Lance out from inside the closet. What happened?! He was apparently there with Lydia Hearst who I actually ended up meeting because we're both friends with Willi Ninja.

And finally, it seemed as if they were selling little Heatherette toys. They were like action figures, but more lego-like. There was one of each of them: Richie, Traver, Amanda Lepore, etc. WHO would buy such a thing?! More importantly, WHO would buy such a thing at 8-fucking-dollars a piece?! You know who? One of my friends, that's who! I guess they were really trying to capitalize on the drunkeness of the people there. Wow...

Aside from silly meet-and-runs like that, it was a pretty tame party. Open bar pretty much erased my memory of minute details of the night. It was a moderately good time, though. There were some pictures taken of me all cracked-out (ok, I'm just unphotogenic, alright!!!) toward the end of the night. I need to see if they make it into Paper Magazine, so I can promptly buy and burn all copies of the magazine.


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