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Friday, September 01, 2006

Has-Been Celebrity Playground

Now I know nobody was truly excited when they all got the mass email saying that Duvet was hosting an "afterparty" for the VMAs, yet somehow I found myself there tonight. Despite my better judgment and full intention of going to Tenjune, we wound up in a pointlessly long line outside of Duvet. OK, actually we didn't really wait in the line, but still... it was a LONG line.

After bumping into about two people I'd rather not have seen, one of whom being my frenemy, I was already trying to leave and questioning why I was there to begin with. I was introduced to another boy who was actually cute but who annoyed me the first time I met him. Turns out he's nicer now. Nice + cute = Hello :) At least that made the night somewhat tolerable.

Since when did Duvet become an actually respectable club? Yeah, still waiting to find out since tonight didn't really change much. The *star-studded* event included appearances by some chicks from the O.C. -- I wouldn't really know since I don't watch TV -- Wyclef Jean, formerly of the Fugees, sporting a no-hair haircut so basically we're not forced to recognize him by FACE instead of by insane locks of hair. Naturally it took me a good 15 minutes to realize it was him cuz "all ya'll bruthas look alike!" And sure enough, one bed over from me was none other than Captain Gay himself, Lance Bass fresh from out of his bedroom closet. I didn't bother to say hi. I missed Justin Timberlake's party on Wednesday so there's no point in chatting it up with a lesser N Sync'er. Please.

I love how all the people at the party were kinda washed up singers and wannabe actors. And of course everyone there was frantically trying to catch a glimpse. I'm over star-fucking. They're bad lays.


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