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Saturday, September 16, 2006


Oh my god, I'm SOOO over people who are just flakey and retarded. I can't deal!! I thought i'd gotten rid of most of the people I knew who were like that, but somehow here I am again -- Retardville.

How is it possible that people just can't change or grow despite the lengthy amount of time it's been since I've known them? Inconceivable! :)

I don't really know how I get pulled into these futile situations that involve iffy and quasi-hazy plans to potentially hang out if someone is possibly in the mood to do something at some point in the night. Fuzzy plans are pointless. I'm SOOO done with people who make fuzzy plans. Why I'm even trying to make plans with someone who's incapable of doing so is beyond me. Well, I haven't seen him in forever and I still like to pretend that we're friends since we've known each other for a while and had some sort of quasi- potentially possibly something once upon a far far away time. It's like the annoyance of three years ago just came CRASHING back down on me and now I remember why we lost touch after a while. It's too much effort.

Speaking of which, it does seem like I'm always the one putting the effort into every "-ship" I'm in, whether it be relation- or friend-. It makes me tired. I'm done with it.

I'm cutting bitches out and I'm pulling back my investments. It's pointless to invest in something that isn't going to give you the return you expected, so I'm scaling back and reallocating in other areas. Now we'll find out who the real -ships are.


  • My philosophy is to cut the bitches off and if they really want to change they will, Im not chasing after their lame asses. Oh, and lame 'I promise to try harder' bull doesn't cut it.

    Of course, most of them never actually live up to their promises. Im sure they're out there somewhere making ambiguous plans and forging loose alliances with other flakes 'to somehow, like totally bitch me out, for being such a dick'

    By Blogger Filthy, at 9/16/2006 8:06 PM  

  • I'm a flake sometimes. this week twice. sorry.

    the thing is, sometimes you don't want to be around people. you fear that if you are you might hurt some random stranger.

    that's why sometimes it's best to stay home, shave your head, and rock back and forth in the corner while repeating the words "yellow jello, yellow jello"

    PS - a certain exboyfriend of mine left me a voice message saying he saw you in one of the tents at Bryant Park or something. He was surprised that merchants were allowed at fashion week.

    By Blogger Adrian L. Acosta, at 9/16/2006 10:53 PM  

  • Apparently my friend was 'arrested' tonight. Hence he wasn't able to meet up with me later. I wish I had the balls to come up with such excuses. Whether it's true or not, this has reached a whole new level of flakedom.

    I'm SOO over people and their excuses!

    Anyway, it all worked out, though. The party I went to was actually fun so I stayed later. And then I bought a teddy bear on my way home to sleep with tonight :)

    By Blogger gothamwhore, at 9/17/2006 2:47 AM  

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