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Sunday, September 24, 2006


"He expects more than he's entitled to"

Who in your life does this describe? Off the top of my head I can name at least three people. I'm not including myself, of course -- god forbid I say anything negative about myself :)


  • hey kid, remember when I wrote you an email with the sentence

    "...even though you can be one cold bitch at times"


    "He expects more than he's entitled to"

    that's dripping with judgement!

    This is an observation not a judgement on my part.

    love you too

    By Blogger Adrian L. Acosta, at 9/25/2006 1:13 PM  

  • Didn't you say I was good at being judgmental? :) Gotta stick with my strengths! "Some of us aren't as naturally adorable as you"

    Oh yeah, I quote movies, too.

    By Blogger gothamwhore, at 9/25/2006 7:48 PM  

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