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Monday, September 25, 2006

A Presidential Experience

Yale has decided to offer free videos of its courses, online. People will also be able to download the course syllabus.

Don't get too excited, though. Courses being offered are fairly pointless, including "Introduction to the Old Testament," "Fundamentals of Physics" and "Introduction to Political Philosophy." However, you two can be one step closer to being the President of the United States (ala George W.) if take copious notes during the first class on religion, sleep through the next class based on fact, and then selectively listen to the third class, as educating yourself on Political Philosophy is a moot point if your father is a former President and you just bought your way into an Ivy League institution.

Though the one thing you won't get from these online video courses is the fun of staring at the predominantly gay classroom and passing "Bobby likes Ryan" notes back and forth while the professor isn't watching. That's the best part about college anyway -- the sexual tension that quickly abates itself with one trip to the men's lockerroom. Ahh college.


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