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Friday, September 08, 2006

Rambling About Something

It's officially Fashion Week! Well, that doesn't mean much for me today, or in general since I don't work in the "industry", but it's still a fun time.

Actually, I'll probably see more 'runway' going on tonight at Willi's funeral than at any show at the tents!

I think this season is just too much of an overload for me. I'm not really in the mood for all these parties and shows. It's a lot of effort! Considering that I can't dress myself for shit, it's kinda hard to look presentable around all these "fashion-y" people. Hence, I don't try. I just wear whatever I fell out of bed in and trot on out. Cuz that's how I do!

Last night was actually a mess. I had WAY too much to drink somehow -- thank you, Open Bar. At least I left with four giftbags consolidated into one. What I actually want in those giftbags is beyond me. It's a bunch of Perry Ellis underwear, in neon colors, that doesn't fit me. Whatever.

I found it amusing last night that the guy serving food was the bartender from the MAO Magazine party I was at the night before! I was like "that hot guy looks familiar". So of course I go up to him -- because I'm retarded like that -- and I'm all "hey. Weren't you serving drinks at Exit Art Gallery last night?". Of course he looks confused (or maybe embarassed?) and then was like "oh yeah!" What is it with these people who don't want to admit the truth. Dude, i'm just saying that I saw you at one party and now you're at this one! I thought it was cute -- I also thought he was cute. So what's there to be retarded about? I don't get it. Suffice it to say, that was the end of the conversation. I'm like the Truth Fairy, apparently. Ain't NOBODY wants my wand!

Anyway, I left the Perry Ellis / Out Magazine party, drunk as all get-out and had to meet a friend who was in town from LA. Ok, I had to be reminded that she's actually leaving for Africa on Sunday for like two months. Hopefully she won't be eaten by a tiger, trampled by an elephant, or catch the HIV from a mosquito bite. Jesus... that's grim.

So yeah, went to a straight bar on the other side of town. Straight bars suck. The people who work there suck. The people who go there suck. They just suck. I saw some people from college there who I could have said hello to, but wasn't really in the mood (nor was I physically able) to take a walk down memory lane. We had a drink. I left. End of pointless story.


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