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Saturday, September 23, 2006


Ok, I love Tyra and all, but the bitch talks WAAAY too much like Oprah. What is she thinking?? It's kinda embarassing when she shouts the same crazy way that Oprah does. "New cars for EVERYONEEEEEEE!!!" Oprah should sue for trademark infringement.

Tyra's kind of a nut, too. In the episode I just saw, she brought someone up out of the audience and popped his pimples on TV. What the fuck?! The theme was on skincare, so they were showing people the proper way to pop a pimple. Use a Q-tip on whiteheads, then stop when you see blood. It was crazy.

Oh, then she showed everyone how to she cleans and moisturizes her face. And then how she moisturizes her titties. What the fuck?!

After she washed the make up off her face, she started looking a little... well, not as cute. Then she went ape-shit after giving out her overly-hyped up secret beauty product. Apparently the make-up held back her crazy personality.

PS, Tyra's beauty secret is Vaseline. What the fuck?!


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