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Monday, September 04, 2006

Weekend Madness

What a crazy weekend. I've never done so little in my entire life!! Excrutiatingly unproductive, yet highly entertaining -- that's how I'd describe it. I think it felt unproductive because most of my weekend took place in an apt. If you go out, even though you're doing the same thing -- drinking -- it seems like you've accomplished something. Funny thing, that.

This weekend was a lot about friends leaving, though, like a motherfuckin' N'Sync song: Bye, Bye, Bye. One left the state (back to Kansas or somewhere in the midwest), another left the country (back to Paris, and then Tibet to live with real people), and another left the land of the living (presumably to Heaven, though asshole Jesus-freaks would probably say otherwise). Madness, I say!! I miss all of them already... to varying degrees.

Ok, now that I think about it, my weekend wasn't all that unproductive. I had a slew of good conversations, some chunks of esoteric thought on loss and life, and saw Jackie Beat who was fucking awesome! So scratch that -- it was a productive weekend, just not in the traditional sense. Besides, who has time for the traditional? I'd rather be an iconoclast :)


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