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Monday, September 04, 2006

What is Love?

Because someone was giving me shit for the mid-90's crapfest that is my iTunes music library, I thought I'd cough up the video below of some other dumb-ass singing along to one of those songs instead. True to form, I found yet another European teen making a crazy-ass YouTube video. It's kind of painfully embarassing to watch, though.

It cracks me up that he's staring at a picture of himself and a girl. I just assumed he was gay. And the camera gets a little Blair Witch at some points, which makes me want to vomit... aside from the boy's acting... and the heterosexual lip-lock that ensued. Barf.

I'm so fucking awesome, though, because the song's title doubles as a reference to a conversation we had earlier that night, PRIOR to the mid-90s craptacular listening party that night.


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