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Sunday, September 17, 2006

When Roaches Attack

Ok, so I know I'm like weeks behind on this video, but the first time I tried to watch it something was fucked up with it. I finally just saw it and I'm a little confused about what the whole deal is about it.

Honestly, roaches skeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve me out and if one were anywhere near me, I'd queen out so fast that you'd see the trail of glitter I left behind. It's kinda funny how the weather bunny queens out, but I'm sayin.. I'd do the same fucking thing. Roaches are NASTY!!! You can't step on them because their little eggs will get all up in your shoe and then you'll have even more roaches later. And I hate smashing them with a newspaper or something because then their guts get everywhere. Ick. Just thinking about it is making me all itchy. Christ!!!


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