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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Adventures in NYC Dating

Ahh, gotta love the "morning after" conversations. Usually I'm the one with the tragic luck, but not this time. Yay!

Me: are you going to the gym today?
Me: I'm thinking of going tomorrow, actually
Friend: no, I'm hiding out and nursing a hangover.
Me: hahaha, nice. what'd you do last night?
Friend: go all over chelsea.
Me: nice. I went all over HK
Friend: and I was talking to this really hot guy...
Friend: and then...he told me he wanted to take me home...
Me: ewwwwwww. what the fuck?!
Me: did you stab him?
Friend: I will never have sex
Friend: ever.
Me: awwww
Friend: OH. and I went on a date...
Me: yeah?
Friend: and on the date.....
Friend: the guy's bag opens..
Me: ok...
Friend: and Valtrex falls out.
Me: OMG! hahahhaha
Me: did you die?! did he die?!?!
Friend: like 20 sample packs.
Me: HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!
Friend: I was like... O M G
Me: well you know, "it's about supression"
Friend: So, once again I'm the butt of a cosmic joke.


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