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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Anger's in the Air

Unlike most people who feel very zen after going to the gym, it seems that sometimes I get straight up combatative after a workout. Or maybe I'm just cranky. Who knows.

This chick bumped into me on the street and didn't say anything, so I ended up going off on her despite the fact that she had headphones on and probably couldn't hear a word I was saying. That's fine; probably better that way.

Then this little ghetto Indian chick was being all loud on the street like a fuckin' hoodrat, calling to her friends. I think she was in High School or something. I gave her this look like *stop being so loud, it's really inappropriate* and as she walked past me she turned around and was like "WHAT?!" The dumb bitch didn't think I would turn around again and yell "WHAT, Bitch?! Wanna come over here??" She walked away with her friends into a McDonald's. Yes, I like to terrorize little girls. Sue me. Sometimes they just need a good smack upside the head. At least I won't rape them after I'm done beating the shit out of them. Live it, learn it.

After that whole fiasco, which was right after I saw the hottest asian boy hanging out at Chick Pea (yumm!), we were about to cross the street when this car honks at this other guy. Then THEY get into it! The guy stands in the middle of the street. The car drives right up to him, like he's going to knock him over. The guy walks around to the driver's window, which is down by now as the driver is yelling at him. They exchange loud, angry words for about 2 minutes. Hilariously, a mom (kid in tow) just shouts "COME ON! MOVE IT ALONG!!!" Leave it to a busy, crass mom to cut through the shit and take control. It was too much!


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