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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Answer the Question!

Somehow I've surounded myself with friends who have a knack for either dodging questions or just not having a fuckin clue what the question is and hence are unable to properly answer it. I don't get it!!!

Me: Tomorrow I'm joining the gym
Friend: oh baby.
Friend: join mine.
Friend: NYHRC
Friend: full of old people .
Me: yes, I need to lose like INSANE amounts of weight
Friend: hence, you look hot.
Me: which one do you go to? how much is it?
Friend: $100/month.
Friend: NYHRC.
Me: ugh, I'm SO not trying to pay that, especially since I used to pay for a gym I never went to
Me: which HRC do you go to?
Friend: oh.
Friend: oh, you can go to anyone.
Me: OMG... I'm asking you which one you typically go to!!!!
Friend: hahahaa
Me: like 23rd street? which one?
Friend: OMG, the GAY ONE?
Me: or another one?
Friend: ew
Friend: another.
Me: OMG.......
Me: that's why i'm asking you!
Friend: I've been several times to that one.
Friend: but it's very gay.
Me: I'm sorry... are we REALLY having this retarded conversation???
Friend: there are fucking mirrors all over the dressing room.
Me: nice..
Friend: I go to Cooper Union and 57th the most.
Me: THANK YOU! That's all I was asking you, except I asked it 10 minutes and 25 conversation lines ago! Jesus Christ!!!


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