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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Back to the Future

Michael J. Fox is amazing!! The last comment he makes in the video below about how everyone has a chance to make a difference, just blows my mind. I'm amazed by anyone in a challenging situation who chooses to see the positive side of it rather than sulking and festering in the negative side.

Ok, and Michael J. Fox is also amazing for just being normal and level-headed. If more Americans were like him, we wouldn't have a dumb-ass failure as a President and politics wouldn't be an extensive exercise in "talking without doing".

It's absolutely shameful that Rush Limbaugh has the gaul to mock and make such judgmental remarks about Michael J. Fox and whether or not he was on medication when he did the ad.
How does he sleep at night?! Oh right, from the copious amounts of pills he takes. Yeah, it's funny how easily we forget such things.

Keith Olbermann's cunty comments about Rush Limbaugh slay me!!


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