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Monday, October 09, 2006

Come Backs

10 Things I'd Like to See Come Back (in no particular order):
  1. Good cartoons -- none of this Pokemon bullshit
  2. My grandmother
  3. The care-free life I used to live before the weight of the world crushed my soul
  4. Willi Ninja
  5. The fun and integrated diversity of TV shows in the 70's -- unlike a block full of desperate white women with one black neighbor who ultimately ends up getting arrested!
  6. The feeling that life is fair -- in work, love, etc.
  7. Mid-90's eurodance -- because sometimes when I'm out I like to dance down memory lane, not just stroll
  8. My belief that there's such a thing as universal attraction not based on skin-color biases
  9. The types of friends and friendships we all had when we were children, untainted by the superficial crap we have to deal with as adults
  10. Simon Rex, in hardcore porno revival form
Now it's your turn to list out the 10 things you'd bring back. Do it!!


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