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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Embrace the J-Date

So like everyone else, I've succumbed to the dating beast that is JDate.com. Funny thing, though? I'm not Jewish. Whatevs. Minor details.

It's more a sociological experiment than anything else. Lately it seems that every (predominantly straight) jewish person I know who's going on a date has met the person through JDate. Well, they admit it after a shameful cough and a whisper under their voice, but still. So I figured I gotta get in on this kosher meat market! The hilarious thing is that I'm so blatantly not Jewish-looking. So I wonder how my profile will be received.

Since I went to school in Michigan, I figured an appropriate screenname would be Gefilte_Mich, but then I opted for another equally as witty moniker. I also considered creating a profile of me in drag called Beth_Israel, but I don't really look good in drag, so I scratched that idea.

The profile took FOREVER to complete. Jesus Christ! All the questions were really geared toward being Jewish, for obvious reasons -- what's your religion (yeah, apparently Judaism breaks out into even more components), what religion do you want your date to be, etc. It was confusing! But I finally got through the 5-step process and posted a fairly generic profile -- I never know what to say.

I went to search for my new future ex-jewfriend, but didn't get really great results. Maybe this is where all the not-hot jewboys go. I was happy to find another non-jewish boy who created a profile. Some Asian kid, who oddly enough has a specific list of religions that he wanted his date to be. I just thought that was hilarious. I wanted to say 'hi' to him in a "wassup my non-jew brutha" kinda way, but apparently the site charges you just to send a message to someone else. Gee, didn't see that coming :)

So in true jew form, I posted my email address so others can still contact me whilst avoiding paying the membership fee. Ahhh -- take that!! My mind is like a Dreidel at Chanukkah -- it keeps on spinning! Now it's just a matter of sitting back and waiting for the emails from sexy jewboys to come flowing in. Yumm!


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