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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Enough Already!

So I've decided that anyone who uses the phrase "Whatever happens in ___, stays in ___" should be shot dead in the middle of the street. I'm sorry, but it's SUCH a tacky and overused phrase. I just heard some dumb-ass say it on the street. It's worse when you use it for cities that aren't even known for being that debacherous. He was like "What happens in New York stays in New York" ... right... tacky. He was a lame-ass, too. Complete hipster-doofus dweeb. I assume he's a tourist, but if not, then he must REALLY be a lame-ass.

It's like, "Whatever happens in Schenectady stays in Schenectady" ... oh yeah, that's hot.

So for the love of cock, can we please quit with the lame ass phrases??


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