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Monday, October 02, 2006

Enough with the Shootings!!

Leave the damn kids alone!!

Now, you know I don't really like children, but still. Leave them the hell alone! Let the kids learn!! The more educated and mature a child is, the less annoying it tends to be. So can people stop shooting all up in their schools and let the ankle-biters learn!? Christ!!

And don't take out your anger on the Amish. They're peaceful horse-drawn-buggy people who make AMAZINGLY delicious potato salad and ribs. Yes, RIBS bitches!!! More importantly, the girls have to wear self-made clothes!! They look so inbred that they look like men. So basically they're horrible styleless drag queens -- men in unflattering dresses. Isn't that punishment enough?! Why do people have to go ape-shit and start shooting at their schools!? Ain't but 30 of them in the whole damn class!!

So sad... makes me wanna eat ribs! *sigh* but there aren't any Amish around to make those ribs. And that makes me wanna cry.


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