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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


This picture is disgusting. First of all, whale dick makes me ill. I talk as if I've sucked on one before and found it unpleasant. Haha. Just once, and it wasn't that unpleasant... but I just don't care for this whale's dick. Narsty.

Secondly, I just feel bad for the whale. It looks so uncomfortable. All it wants to do is fuck, but it's stuck in that harnest. It's like an ugly powerbottom in a sling at the black party. So sad.

And what's up with that guy in front of the whale's face?! Is he trying to get some oral lovin' from Spermy?? If I were the whale I'd be like "Bitch, you're gonna need to get me some tweezers if you want me to suck on that little guppy!"


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