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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stem Cell Ad

Apparently I've been living in a hole. Well, a hole that doesn't really provide me with access to commercials since I completely missed this ad that Michael J. Fox did to support the Democratic candidate in Missouri [holy shit, can you believe I didn't even know how to spell that state??].

The ad shows him with full-on Parkinsons talking about the hope that stem cell research provides. Apparently it's made quite an impact -- at least in politician's eyes. Of course, the "political impact" it's made is more about Republicans frantically running around doing damage control rather than actually pushing forward any legislature that would advance stem cell research, but you know... whatevs.

Personally, I have few morals so I say bring on the fetuses! Is it fetuses or feti? Cure a bitch!!! Do it today!!! Don't make him go.. Back to the Future! [yes, Bitch, I went there...]


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