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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Stop Asking Me for My Money!!

I'm SOO sick of the Human Rights Campaign. I know it's horrible to say, but I'm sorry... they annoy the shit out of me. They're CONSTANTLY asking me for money. I already donate money to them on an automatic, monthly basis. Isn't that enough?! No, because they always want more!

Now what exactly is my money going towards? What are the tangible outcomes? What the fuck am I getting out of it?? Surely it should at least amount to an unaffected conversation with the organizations president, Joe Solmonese, but nope. Last time I met him, I tried to have a conversation about how I could get involved and help the organization, given all the people Ihttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif know and the events I've done in the past. But all I got was a glazed-eyed doofus. Thanks. My money's really going to good use.

Yet time and time again they ask me for even more money to support whatever random cause they're fighting. It's always phrased as "We just need $___ more and we'll be able to make a difference!!" How about you start making a fucking difference with the money you've got! Surely there are more innovative ways of achieving your goals other than just by amassing large sums of cash.

I've got a wild idea. How about the next time someone comes up to you and offers to help your organization, that you actually LISTEN to the person instead of scanning the room for bulges in men's pants -- the bulges in this case being the size of their wallet. I don't understand the organization's relucance to view volunteerism as an unacceptable alternative to financial contributions. And even when they accept volunteerism, they direct their volunteers to solicit financial contributions from strangers. Stop thinking about money and start thinking about outcomes!!

So as a result of the umpteenth annoying email I've received from HRC asking for more of my money, and despite the fact that they sent me a cheesy pin in the mail thanking me for my contributions to date, I've decided to pull my monthly financial support (once again!) from the organization. If they need my money that badly, then they're not working hard enough to get results for our cause. It's that simple. Get creative.

However if after all of my ramblings, you still care to donate, then go here.


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