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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Well Hello There!

I find it more than satisfying when people pop up in your life and remind you of things you've either forgotten or just lost track of. In particular, it's great when someone falls out of your life for a while only to return and make you feel all great about yourself. I wish there were more people like that who would pop back up. It really makes you appreciate those who you've met in the past and the hope that you'll cross paths in the future.

It's especially endearing when those people are able to let you remind yourself that despite all the bullshit going on, you're still a good person. I need to find more of these people and put some effort into surrounding myself only with like-minded individuals. Why bother with anything else?

So today, I like people. Well, one person in particular, at least. The rest of the population? We'll see :)


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