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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Continued Adventures in NYC Dating

I assume this will be one of the final editions of my friend's latest adventure in dating. Looks like things have finally cum around.

Friend: Hey, guess what's back from the dead?
Me: what?
Me: shut up!! who'd you fuck??
Friend: Two people so far.
Me: way to slut it out!
Friend: I know, right?
Friend: technically I'm sort of seeing about 4 people right now.
Friend: How the hell does this happen?
Me: SHUT UP!!!!!! Who are you?!
Friend: I don't even know anymore. but I got my mojo back.
Me: ugh, I wish I had mojo .. period
Me: instead allz I've got is "Mo' j/o"

Sigh, such is my life. And on it goes...

Friend: In the last 4 days, I've had sex 7 times.
Me: with whom??
Friend: what are their names? what are you asking me?
Me: like, you fucked one once and then another 6 times?
Friend: oh no...
Friend: it was 2 and 5.
Me: nice
Friend: well, the breadown is...
Friend: 2, 2, 3
Friend: where 1 and 3 are elements of the same set.
Me: nice
Friend: whatev. you get it.
Me: that was the dorkiest shit I've ever heard, Mr. Math Teacher
Me: uhh sadly, I do get it


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